The Horse you Dreamed of as a child – Your journey begins here:

With the goal of preserving the Wild foundational bloodlines of this American Iberian breed, that possibly numbers less than 300 in the wild and a few thousand around the world. KCA breeds Kigers that are a sought-after partner for Working Equitation, Ranch Horse Versatility, Dressage, Pleasure riding and any discipline that requires a horse of good substance and trainability to be a well-rounded partner.

Choosing a stallion for your mare is an important decision. Type, temperament, conformation, athletic ability, and bloodlines are all important considerations. We believe great horses should also be a pleasure to own and ride. All Kigers at KCA both stallions and mares are ridden and shown. We offer for your consideration two Stallions which are excellent examples of the Kiger Mesteno Horse. For help deciding which would be the best cross with your mare please contact us anytime.

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