18880 Country Pine Rd.
Gavilan Hills, California 92570

Download instructions here and print


From 91

Take the LA SIERRA exit, Turn RIGHT up hill to first STOP SIGN,

Turn LEFT at EL SOBRANTE, TAKE EL SOBRONTE until it ends/T’s into CAJALCO RD. abt 6 miles

LEFT on Cajalco Rd.  300 FEET to Gavilan Rd. light which is also a “T” intersection with Gavilan Rd.

RIGHT at Gavilan Rd. go 2.3 mile up steep canyon road.

LEFT on Ida Leona, if you get to the little market on your left and the giant grey mansion on your right you just missed the turn onto Ida Leona, make U-turn in DIRT Market Parking lot.

Turn LEFT onto Gold Valley Rd. Then 0.63 miles, (If you reach Juniper Rd you’ve gone about 0.2 miles too far past Gold Valley)

About 1/4 mile up you will come to Country Pine Rd on your left or West. DO NOT TURN LEFT THERE.

right there which will dump you in someone’s drive way. DO NOT TURN RIGHT THERE EITHER.

Go up another 300’Turn RIGHT on Country Pine Rd. (dirt) second house on the right, angled driveway.

The only dirt road you will drive on is in front of the ranch on Country Pine Rd. If you come from some other direction, get lost or your GPS (or copilots) tell you to turn on any dirt roads they are lying don’t do it! Turn around and start over staying on the asphalt!

Please read and download instructions. Use map only as guideline.