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Kigers de los Californios
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Kiger Mustangs For Sale
Kigers De Los Californios Sale Barn

We specialize in young Kigers……….. typically have Kiger horses…… 

We also have a nice selection of other breeds of horses for sale. They are nice horses with training in a variety of disciplines. Most are owned directly by us or our students/clients, some are here on a training or sales consignment.  Resale or consignment horses may have different guarantees and options then listed 

Pricing drop to: $2000.00  $3000.00 $4000.00 FOR ALL AGES

Kiger Horses Currently For Sale

Contact: Sue Watkins  530-633-0883    Eli Ruonavaara  530-677-9916


Policies and Guarantees:

At Kigers de los Californios we specialize in young horses and their development, and typically have horses for sale year around.  We offer delivery and continued training or showing options.

We care about the future of every horse we sell.  We are looking for owners who also have an eye to the future and are seeking a lifelong companion, owners who will continue their horse’s education in a humane and natural way, thus allowing these true genetic treasures to show you their “Fire Within.”

The young Kigers are available to go to their new homes as soon as they have solid ground skills.  Deposits, however, will be accepted at any time and you are encouraged to choose and reserve your partner early.  Most of our horses are sold by the time they are yearlings, but we do start and develop a few select older horses.  They will have solid ground manners, basic experience under saddle, and are immediately available. 


At Kigers de los Californios we take great pride in our horses excelling at multiple disciplines.  We are equally proud when they become top performance horses under the watchful eye of professionals, or thrive in the hands of beginners learning true horsemanship skills for the first time.

KCA strives to help you choose your ideal equine partner, as much as aiming to find the best human match for each of our very special horses.  We encourage guests to come out for a unique buying experience.  You can enjoy playing with the horses in a no-pressure environment until you find that perfect partner – that special connection.


Our horses are divided into price categories based on their breeding, level of education, talent and looks.  We are pleased to offer very reasonable prices that fit everyone’s budget.  Weanlings and yearlings start at $3000.00.  Our select older horses start at $3500.00.  Once under saddle they are $4500.00 and up. 


Our goal at Kigers de los Californios is to develop and educate our young horses utilizing the philosophy, concepts, and principles of the original horsemen who selectively bred the Kiger for over 400 years, the Californios.  We are pleased to offer quality horses that are instilled with the skills necessary for the success of both the horse and the human.  Besides horse training, we also offer “human support training,” so each new owner can be a confident and considerate partner for his or her horse.

The skills all our baby horses acquire before purchase include: feet handling/farrier prep, personal space respect, a soft feel on the lead over obstacles, confident trailer loading, relaxed tying and hobbling, ponying off another horse, and easy catching.  As they mature, their training continues with halter showing, driving, saddling, ponying on the trail, water crossing, and riding in the rope halter and then in the snaffle.  Roping and trail/ranch skills are introduced very early.  All horses are started with a foundation to become a straight-up bridle horse, but any horse that displays abilities in dressage, English flat, jumping, or other disciplines will be guided accordingly.  Our goal is to offer a horse with the conformation, problem solving skills, athletic ability, heart, and willingness to be trained for any job.

Please email, call or stop by to see any of the horses listed below as well as others.

El Grande Rojo KCA
$10,000 FIRM

‘Red’ is a 2004, 15.1 hand (and still growing) deep red, zebra Dun gelding. He is a very personable horse (my students call him Marmaduke) that is big enough to carry anyone in any direction. This is a horse you can make a living cowboying on during the week and take to the dressage ring on the weekend. Very kind and willing, He has impeccable ground manners, trailers, ponies, stands quiet, gets along great with all other animals. Great substance and bone with floating gaits make him a super dressage or Hunter prospect. Natural cow instinct makes him ready for the ranch.  He is being ridden to compete at training level test next year and also is worked on cows and used to start other colts. He placed 5th in the Pro division of an Extreme Cowboy Race with only 6 months under saddle. Kigers of this size are rare; here is your chance to own a Kiger with exceptional size and substance. This horse has true greatness.

Chico Afortunado Rio Diamonte
KMA #650-P
2007 Dun Gelding

$2,000.00 OBO

                                                                Range Bred
                                Kiger Diamond Rio  #0106-W 
                                                          Range Bred   

  Chico Afortunado Rio Diamonte

                                                          Range Bred 
                                  Kiger Chica #0458-W 
                                                          Range Bred

 ‘Monte’ is a 2007 honey dun KMA registered Kiger gelding with a very sweet disposition that should mature to 15+ hands. A son of the famous Kiger Diamond Rio, he is 100% foundation bloodlines. He is extremely athletic, handy and responsive.  His ground work is complete, he ties, trailers, stands for trims, ponies well thru cattle and over obstacles. He will be under saddle soon.  He has strong masculine features like his sire and will turn heads in the show ring, on the trail or at the ranch.  Price will go up as his training continues. 

Billy Brio KCA KMA 0646-P 


                     Kiger Diamond Rio KMA# 0106-W

Billy Brio KCA KMA#                                 

                                           Diamond Dandy 0153-P
                             Bobby Sox KMA # 0341-P
                                           Lucky’s Trouble 0227-P

 ‘Billy’ is a KMA registered, 2005, 15.1 hand, grullo, Kiger gelding out of the famous stud Kiger Diamond Rio. Like his name states he has magnificent presence and tons of Brio. This horse has had the best training available. He is light as a feather and ready to really get down to business in the show ring or on the ranch. This super gelding has excellent Kiger qualities with cat like movements.  For the advanced rider who dreams of their very own Ferrari, wrapped up as a magnificent genetic treasure. Here is Billy Brio.


Other Kigers are available that are not listed.

Here’s your chance to own the original cow horse of the vaqueros and a native of the Americas. There are approximately 2000 in the world.


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